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Night Run? Join Us!

Running around the Forest Park in the evening? You may never heard about it. Come on and see what happened here in HUST. In the evening of Oct. 20th, around 300 HUST students joined a Forest Park nigh..

The world’s first High-Resolution Atlas of Brain obtained in WNLO

On Nov.7th, 2013 Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) proclaimed that they obtained the world’s first 3D structural dataset of a Golgi-stained whole mouse brain at the neurite level..

Alumnus Gong Hongjia Ranks 17th on Forbes China Rich List 2013

On Oct.15th, 2013 Forbes China Rich List was released. HUST alumnus Gong Hongjia and his wife. Chen Chunmei ranked No. 17 with 26.33 billion RMB in assets,jumping from No.29 last year.Forbes China Ri..

Nobel Prize winner Prof. Klaus von Klitzing appointed as an honorary professor of HUST

On the afternoon of Jul. 3rd, theappointment ceremony of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Klaus von Klitzing was held atthe reception room for foreign guests. He was appointed as an honoraryprofessor of HUST...
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