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Night Run? Join Us!


Running around the Forest Park in the evening? You may never heard about it. Come on and see what happened here in HUST.

In the evening of Oct. 20th, around 300 HUST students joined a Forest Park night run race. The whole journey, starting from and ending at the Einstein Square, was estimated to be 8 kilometers long.  The first 20 arrivals were honored as “Wind-like Man” and “King of Night Run”.

Jin Hang, a postgraduate student in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, grabbed the first place of men by 30min15s. He ran at least 5 rounds around the play yard every day because he had always dreamed and prepared to travel to Sichuan and Tibet by bike. The first place for female racer was taken by Nie Ping, a junior in School of Physics.She introduced that it was the every-two-day training of Dragon Boat Team that enable her to finish the route in 41min 50s.

The race was organized by Runner League of Expedition Association of HUST. For security reason, 8 patrol cars were standing by in case of any emergency, and, there were a number of volunteers waiting at each corner to show the direction.

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